About Our Students

“Pupils are polite and courteous. They interact positively with adults and with their peers. Pupils said that a great strength of the school is the strong friendships which exist across ethnic groups, different cultures and backgrounds. Pupils’ behaviour in lessons and around the school is exemplary.” - Ofsted 2019

Our students are our biggest advocates, every day our staff are inspired by the delight and imagination we see in them.

Pupils new to the school feel well supported in making new friends. Pupils also spoke about a recent multi-cultural evening that celebrated the range of faiths, beliefs and cultures of pupils who attend the school. This type of activity has helped to create an inclusive community where pupils feel safe in celebrating their individual differences.

Our Student Testimonials

We are given clearly defined targets and teachers work with us individually to achieve them. - Year 11 Student

We are encouraged to take any extra curricular opportunities, I’m in the middle of Shakespeare rehearsals!. - Year 10 Student

We all have achievement logs which encourage good deeds so everyone is really friendly!. - Year 8 Student

There is no tolerance for bullying from the teachers or the students. - Year 7 Student

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