Examinations and Result Days


Villiers High School has a very strict approach to the administration of examinations and as students you have been very helpful in enabling the school to maintain such a high standard. As you know, exam times are very important and the papers you will be taking this year will influence what you do in the future. It is essential that the examinations run as smoothly as possible and we hope that this page will help you understand the rules and regulations set by the Exam Boards. The school fully supports them and legally is obliged to ensure they are followed.

If you do not stick to these rules then it is possible that you could be disqualified from your exam, so please make sure that you read the following information carefully. If there is anything that you do not understand, please ask your teacher for help. 

All students need to be aware of JCQ’s regulations for both external exams and internal assessments.  These documents inform you what you must and must not do.  Please ensure you read what is relevant for the courses you are doing.  You need to be aware of these in Years 10 and 12 as well as Years 11 and 13 as you are starting your courses and some of these will be relevant in your first year.

The documents are:-

  •  Privacy Notice
  •  Using Social media and examinations and assessments
  •  Coursework
  •  NEA
  •  Onscreen tests
  •  Written exams

These can be found under ‘Exam information’ at the bottom of the page.


Certificate collection

You need to make an appointment with the Examinations Officer if you wish to collect your certificates, please contact: Mrs Ahmed, Examinations Officer 020 8813 8001 Ext: 228, Email: hahmed@villiers.ealing.sch.uk.


Exam dates 2020-2021 academic year

Autumn GCSE exams                                              Monday 2nd November – Monday 23rd November


University Admissions Tests (UATs)                           Wednesday 4th November – Thursday 5th November


Y11 Music GCSE recordings                                      Monday 9th November

Y11 Drama Open dress rehearsal                              Wednesday 18th November

Y11 Drama Exam                                                     Wednesday 25th November

Y11 Music GCSE recordings (alt date)                        Monday 14th December


Y11 BTEC in Sport exam                                           Wednesday 16th December PM

Fitness for Sport and Exercise 1hr 15 mins                2hrs


Y11 CNAT in Information Technologies exam               Wednesday 13th January PM

Understanding tools, techniques, methods and processes for technological solutions             1hr 45 mins


Autumn English Lang & Maths GCSE results day        Thursday 14th January


Y12 L3 Information Technology exam

Cyber Security and Information management        

Release date for Part A 5hrs & Part B 4hrs               Thursday 17th December

Dates to be set during period                                 4th January – 22nd January


Y12 L3 triple Business (Ext Dip) exam                       Tuesday 12th January AM 2hrs

Personal and Business Finance      


Y12 L3 Information Technology exam                        Monday 18th January AM 2hrs

Information Technology Systems                              


Y11 and Y13 mock exams                                           Monday 18th January – Friday 5th February


Y11 BTEC in Enterprise exam                                     Monday 1st February PM 2hrs

Promotion and Finance for Enterprise                       


Autumn all other GCSEs results day                         Thursday 11th February


CNAT January results day                                        Thursday 11th March

BTEC January L3 results day                                    Wednesday 17th March


Y11 Music GCSE ensemble recordings                        Monday 22nd March

Y11 Music GCSE ensemble recordings (alt date)          Monday 29th March


BTEC February L2 results day                                     Wednesday 31st March


Thursday 4th February                                             Intermediate Mathematical Challenge     1hr

(Can be run 1st – 4th)                                               Selected students from Years 9, 10 and 11


Thursday 29th April                                                  Junior Mathematical Challenge              1hr

(Can be run 26th – 29th)                                           Selected students from Years 7 and 8


Summer 2021 confirmed external exam timetables have been delayed.  Once these are finalised, they will be published here.


Year 10 mocks                                                          July tbc

External exam period                                                under consultation (Wednesday 26th May – Friday

                                                                               2nd July)

Year 12 mock exams                                                  July tbc

Year 9 core mock exams                                            assessed in class

Contingency day                                                        tbc



Summer 2020 A Level & L3 BTEC results day               Tuesday 24th August

Summer 2020 GCSE & L1/2 BTEC results day               Friday 27th August



Exam Information

JCQ Using social media and examinations and assessments

JCQ Information for Candidates – Written Exams

JCQ Information For Candidates - NEA

JCQ Information For Candidates - Coursework

JCQ Information For Candidates - Onscreen tests

JCQ Information For Candidates - Privacy Notice