Enrichment and Extracurricular


Extracurricular clubs play a crucial role in pupils’ development offering students myriad benefits that extend far beyond the classroom. At Villiers, we believe these clubs are of paramount importance and are an integral part of a holistic education, enriching students' lives in various ways and contributing to their overall development.


The Enrichment offer at Villiers helps skill development. Extracurricular clubs provide students with opportunities to develop a wide range of skills that are not typically taught in regular academic classes. Whether it's leadership skills, teamwork, communication, or problem-solving abilities. Participation in clubs allows students to hone these vital life skills in a practical, hands-on setting. For example, a student in a debate club can improve their public speaking and critical thinking skills, while a member of the Astronomy club can learn about engineering.


In our school, clubs offer a safe and supportive environment for students to explore their interests and passions. This exploration helps students discover their talents, strengths, and areas for improvement, ultimately fostering personal growth and self-awareness. Being part of a club can also boost self-confidence and self-esteem as students gain recognition and a sense of accomplishment through their club-related activities. This is a great opportunity for students to connect with peers who share similar interests. These connections can lead to the formation of lasting friendships and a sense of belonging within the school community. The bonds formed in clubs often extend beyond high school and can serve as valuable social networks in the future.


Furthermore, participating in extracurricular clubs complements the academic curriculum. Clubs can expose students to new perspectives, cultures, and experiences, broadening their horizons and fostering a more comprehensive understanding of the world around them. Many colleges and universities value students' involvement in extracurricular activities when making admissions decisions. Active participation in clubs demonstrates a student's commitment, leadership potential, and ability to balance academics with other responsibilities. Moreover, the skills and experiences gained through club involvement can be advantageous when seeking scholarships or internships and are highly transferable to future careers.


Clubs empower students to explore their interests, develop talents, and shape their identities while fostering a sense of community and belonging within their school. 


We are very proud at Villiers to offer various opportunities ranging from Art, Music, Sports, Debate, Politics, Science and Languages. 


The club timetable is published each term to help parents follow pupils’ activities.


Some of our clubs will run all year round on the same day and time. Other clubs will run for one term only, this allows us to provide as many varied opportunities as possible. 


At Villiers we reward students’ commitment to attending a club with a club badge following advanced star badges where different colours mean different tiers. Students can start earning badges after attending a club consistently for a minimum period of seven weeks. 


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Empowering Future Leaders: Student Leadership

At Villiers, we believe in fostering not just academic excellence but also in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Our vibrant and diverse community is filled with talented and passionate students who aspire to make a difference. Through various student leadership initiatives, we encourage our students to step into roles where they can inspire, innovate, and influence positive change.


What Student Leadership means to us:

Student leadership is about more than just holding a title; it's about embracing responsibility, embodying integrity, and the spirit of service. It’s about students collaborating, learning, and leading together. We provide a platform where our students can:

  • Inspire Others: Our student leaders inspire their peers through their actions, encouraging others to excel academically, socially, and personally.
  • Advocate for Change: They raise their voices for issues that matter, be it within our school community or in the wider world, becoming advocates for positive change.
  • Cultivate Skills: Through diverse leadership roles, students cultivate essential skills such as communication, teamwork, decision-making, and problem-solving, preparing them for future challenges.


How We Support Student Leaders:

We offer a range of opportunities for students to engage in leadership activities. From student council and club leadership to community service projects and peer mentoring, there are avenues for every student to find their passion and contribute meaningfully to our community.

We provide a nurturing environment that allows our student leaders to thrive and innovate. Our dedicated educators and staff members guide and encourage students, ensuring they have the support they need to succeed.


Student Leadership Roles at Villiers:

Head Students: Two exceptional Year 13 students lead our student body overseeing seven vital focus areas. From enrichment and extra-curricular activities to student voice, equity, diversity, inclusion, charity, sustainability, and physical and mental well-being, they champion these areas passionately. Their dedication extends to chairing half-termly school council meetings and representing our school at local council sessions held at Southall Town Hall. Head students are meticulously chosen through a competitive application and interview process conducted by the Headteacher and the Head of Student Voice and Leadership.


Deputy Head Students: Seven accomplished Year 13 students spearhead specific focus areas and year groups. They are carefully selected through a rigorous application and interview process during the summer term, ensuring they bring enthusiasm and commitment to their roles.


Assistant Deputy Head Students: Supporting the deputy head students, seven motivated Year 12 students are chosen through a competitive application and interview process in the winter term. Their dedication assists in the seamless execution of various initiatives within their focus areas and year groups.


Prefects: Forty diligent students from Year 10 to 13 form small teams under the guidance of deputy and assistant deputy head students. They play an active role in focus areas and assist in organising school events. Prefects are selected based on a thorough application process, ensuring they contribute significantly to our school's vibrant atmosphere.


Whole School Roles: Roles such as form representatives, charity representatives, well-being champions, sports representatives, and eco team members involve active participation in driving school-wide initiatives within focus areas. Open to all students, these roles require regular meetings with deputy head students, fostering collaboration and creativity among our diverse student body.


School Council: Two dedicated students from each year group serve as representatives, voicing the opinions and ideas of their peers during school council meetings. These representatives, carefully chosen by the heads of year, play a crucial role in shaping our school policies and initiatives.


Interview Panel: A group of seven students from various year levels form the interview panel during staff recruitment. Their role, selected by Ms. Qadri, is integral in ensuring that new staff align with our school's values and aspirations.


Meet The Current Student Leadership Team