Sixth Form

“Leadership of the sixth form is outstanding. Students make excellent progress because of the highly effective teaching. The wide curriculum offer, together with strong support and guidance, ensures that students are very well prepared for university or employment.” – Ofsted 2019

Your future starts here.


Villiers High School is the highest achieving sixth form in Ealing and in the top 1% in England. At Villiers Sixth Form, we value and celebrate our achievements together. We are a community of aspiration, aiming to achieve academic excellence through outstanding teaching and learning, underpinned by a relentless focus on achieving the best. Villiers High School is a community of learners built around shared values. We believe that each member of our community should be respected and appreciated for the contribution they make to the whole. Students are supported by their teachers and tutors to reach their potential. At Villiers, we uphold the right of every student to learn, form relationships, develop skills and become a productive and involved member of society. We are strongly committed to equality and inclusion and encourage students to engage with each other, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or disability.


The Villiers Sixth Form offers a rich and varied curriculum which reflects the needs of our learners as well as our ambition for their futures. The curriculum is built around a core of respected academic A-Levels and BTEC qualifications, supplemented by a diverse and engaging enrichment programme. The Villiers Sixth Form has high aspirations for all its students. Years 12 and 13 are stepping-stones to further and higher education, and form the foundation for lifelong learning. We are rightly proud of the high proportion of students who are successful in gaining admission to Russell Group Universities and we aspire to 100% success rates for overall University and Apprenticeship admissions.


A message for our current Year 13 pupils:

Almost all decisions were made for you when you started high school. But now, when you leave school and enter the adult world, you should be ready to make informed decisions on your own, which could sometimes be challenging, especially decisions related to your university courses, personal finances, and accommodation etc. Whatever you have chosen to do next, you need to remember to look after your mental health and well-being - make it your top priority. Channelize your energy into positive thinking and creativity by focusing on the key aspects of the next phase of your life to succeed. Learning a new skill or doing an online course could give you an extra edge in achieving your dreams. Prioritizing the tasks that can help you to stay in control and maintain a study-life balance is a good way forward. Reading a book, whether related to your academic interests or just as a hobby, might change your outlook on life. If you can manage your time effectively, you will find this next phase of your life enjoyable and fulfilling. Always find time to do soul satisfying things e.g. learning to play a music instrument or painting, specifically linked with your personal interests which can make your life more meaningful and purposeful, and sometimes protects us from the bane of technology e.g. downsides of overusing social media.


Finally, there is no reason to look back when you have so much to look forward to, but we are always there for you if you need our guidance. You will always be Villiers Alumni.


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