Life At Villiers


We are enormously proud of our staff at Villiers High School. They provide our students with exceptional learning opportunities and care passionately about their subjects. They are experts in ensuring students realise their potential and often help them to advance beyond what they thought was possible.  All staff are committed to continuous professional learning (C.P.L.)*1 and take part in a bespoke programme run by the school for its teachers. All staff have the opportunity to be part of “Bespoke Performance Coaching” instead of “lesson observations” as we feel that this is much more developmental and allows all of our staff to flourish. Time from the school day is given to staff every Thursday to plan collaboratively in departments and in clusters and to follow aspects of the CPL programme*2 as we believe this is crucial in helping them get the best from every student.  

Every team is a member of its professional subject association and many staff choose to pursue nationally recognised qualifications such as the NPQML, NPQSL and NPQH which the school is committed to funding. We also provide action research grants to teachers who are interested in research-led practice and have financially supported those carrying out masters degrees and doctorates. Apart from this, we are members of the Ealing Teaching Schools Alliance and sit on committees with the Ealing Learning Partnership working with the borough to target support where it is needed. Some teachers opt to attend training outside of the borough and we carefully select those courses which are of most benefit to our staff ensuring all training and learning is rigorously evaluated.

We run a variety of initial teacher training routes and work closely with a variety of universities in and around London to give trainee teachers first and second placements. We continue to host Teach First participants, many of whom have gained promotion in a relatively short period of time, and we also run the assessment only route with Reading University. Our Newly Qualified Teachers’ programme has been highly commended by the borough of Ealing and our NQT lead recently spoke at the borough conference regarding the success of the programme.

CPL statement here
CPL offer 2019/20 here


We offer you:

  • a welcoming environment which promotes learning;

  • an ethos of high expectation for students and staff;

  • a professionally stimulating and supportive working environment;

  • a drive and determination to achieve excellence in teaching and learning;

  • students who are respectful, resilient, hardworking and keen to learn;

  • an excellent range of Continuous Professional learning activities (see our full CPL statement here);

  • a simple and effective behaviour management system;

  • a supportive staff community;

  • a personalised programme specifically for staff new to the profession including:

    • Behaviour for Learning

    • Assessment for Learning

    • Strategies for SEN and EAL students

    • Differentiation – Access and Stretch



Celebrating Success Together

Our staff work very hard and at the end of every term, we celebrate our achievements together as a team this involves fun, food and recognition of staff achievements. Events include end of term meals at Christmas and Easter and a sizzling summer BBQ celebrated in the Headteacher's Quad Garden.

Staff Testimonials

“We are really pushed to improve ourselves in any way we can, with a particular focus on Continued Professional Learning. The CPL offering at the school is fantastic!”

“Staff are willing and open to collaborate and devise fresh, innovative ways to really engage with students on a daily basis!”


“The sense of community within the staff is brilliant! We have events throughout the year to encourage us to really bond as a team and get to know each other both professionally and socially! The summer BBQ was especially great fun!”



Our Senior Leadership Team

Ms A Sharma – Headteacher

Mr C Richards – Senior Deputy Headteacher

Mr P Bhatt – Deputy Headteacher

Ms G Nagi – Senior Assistant Headteacher

Mr M Benson – Assistant Headteacher

Mr L Adams – Assistant Headteacher

Mr E Boateng – Assistant Headteacher

Mr J Patel – Assistant Headteacher

Ms S Welsford – Assistant Headteacher

Mr M Bains – Director of Finance and Facilities

Key Links & Documents

Staff Portal

Google Classroom Login

For Staff we held a Zumba class

We also held a Cooking class with our Chef Charlie

And even had a Mindfulness session for Staff