At Villiers we consider the curriculum to be a dynamic and powerful platform that shapes the lives of the students we serve. The Villiers curriculum aims to:

  • Empower students to become active and responsible global citizens
  • Develop mastery in specialist disciplines
  • Unlock the power of learning and knowledge.


Our range of subjects and the learning opportunities they offer, both within and beyond the classroom, ensure that all students can develop the skills and attributes needed for future success in learning and in life.



The pedagogy, curriculum and assessment is bespoke to KS3 and the meets the academic, pastoral and life-long learning needs of each individual year group.

We are committed to prioritising the development of teaching and learning at KS3 as its own entity, rather than it existing as ‘GCSE lite’.  We will safeguard the specific needs of KS3 learners and promote lower school teaching as a professional skill-set in its own right.



Our KS4 curriculum aims to offer all students the opportunity to achieve a range of qualifications that reflect their diverse abilities and interests.  Mastery of academic specialisms, robust core academic skills and the development of confidence and character are central to our KS4 curriculum.



Our KS5 curriculum aims to reflect our position as a community school, offering a range of pathways and subjects that meet the needs and fuel the aspirations of our particular cohort.  Passion for academic mastery, the refinement of skills required for success in the tertiary sector and world of work and a focus on enrichment that complements the academic curriculum and aids personal development is a crucial here.