English as an Additional Language (EAL)

EAL Intervention Programmes and Support


“Pupils who speak English as an additional language make very strong progress because of the very effective support they are given in acquiring English.” – Ofsted 2019


In recent years the school has seen an increasing need for specialised language programmes, given the number of newly arrived students from abroad. At Villiers, we believe there is no ceiling to success and the EAL team are committed to ensuring that all students are supported to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Students with English as an additional language are provided support both in class and through bespoke intervention groups. The EAL team support students who are new arrivals to the UK by providing feedback, developing positive and lasting teacher-student relationships, providing challenging targets and tutoring/interventions to support English Language development.

There are five categories of proficiency for students with English as an additional language:

A    New to English

B    Early acquisition

C    Developing competence

D    Competent

E     Fluent

Students identified as Developing Competence, Competent and Fluent receive in class support through differentiated lesson activities and resources. Additionally, students receive subject specific intervention led by department areas as needed.

Students identified as New to English and Early Acquisition receive the following bespoke intervention:

New to English: Induction and post-induction (stage 1 and stage 2)

These programmes provide intensive instruction for a limited time, often one or two terms, to facilitate new arrivals’ linguistic, social, and integration into a new school system.

New to English / Early Acquisition: Language Enrichment (stage 3)

These sessions focus on improving reading and writing skills, vocabulary knowledge and grammar and creating a richer linguistic environment.

Early Acquisition: Reading Support

These lessons focus on developing skills in decoding and reading comprehension to support literacy across the curriculum.

At KS4, the EAL team further support students with English as an additional language by providing provision to support students both in English lessons and across the curriculum areas. The team teach students the skills they need to develop their reading, writing and use of academic language.

Our EAL provision is coordinated by Ms Shuping Bennett and delivered by Ms Bennett and her team of EAL teachers and support staff.