History of Villiers

“The longest serving state school in the borough.”



The school opened with 54 pupils on September 14, 1907 as Southall County School. It was one of the first new county secondary schools to be built in Britain serving the relatively new suburb of Southall.  


Mr Sam Pollitt was the first Headmaster and known for his steely blue eyes gazing intently over his bristling moustache. A former pupil wrote in a school magazine that “going over the top in the trenches of the First World War was less of an ordeal than an interview with Mr Pollitt”. 

The pupils came from mainly white, middle class affluent families. Its most famous included Lord Lionel Robbins, believed to be the greatest British economist of the 20th century and Barry Foster famous from the 70’s TV programme Van de Valk.  

It is believed from 1907-1917 the Board of Governors was made of twelve members, with the Chairman being Mr A. W. Perkin an executive lawyer and justice of peace (J.P).

By 1932 we became Southall Grammar and in 1945 the school became Southall Grammar Technical School. The intake of children was always dedicated by an entry examination, we had a strong tradition of sport and the academic performance of results was comfortably in the top 10 nationally.
By 1975 we became Villiers High School and admitted our first intake of year 7’s without making them take an entry exam. The ethnic change was rapid and there was a broader spectrum of students because education was free to all.

The school buildings have remained resilient through the passage of time and now the school has a science and arts block, drama, music and business block and a newly built Sixth form (V6) and canteen.




Since those humble beginnings 109 years ago, our values and aims remain the same. We are still a local school, embedded in our community, proud of our heritage and excited about the future as we continue to make our own history.





Southall County School 1907

Our First Headteacher

Lord Lionel Robbins

First Board of Governors

Southall Grammar

Villiers High School 1975

Villiers High School Today

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