Our library is very popular with students and staff before school, recess, lunch and after school. The primary function is to promote a love of learning andreading to the students and also to work closely with staff, especially the English department, to ensure the students are being monitored and supported. 


All new students receive a full induction by the school librarian on how to get the best out of the school library and this includes a goodie bag with a free mini dictionary and information regarding our new reading programme. The library is also a fantastic place to make friends, socialise and interact with all year groups. 

The library responds to daily enquiries from students and staff via email, phone and in person. IPads are also available to staff and students for use in lessons. The library is booked out regularly for English lessons. It has a suite of monitored computers for students and staff to access. We are keen advocates of areading scheme called Accelerated Reader helping the English department to identify and improve students’ reading level. Lots of new fiction titles have recently been added and books are colour coded. 


There are up to three staff on duty in the library who help create displays, exhibitions, book fairs, charity fundraisers and the termly Library Newsletter. As well as reading, students play chess, word games such as scrabble, catch up on homework and revision. They also run their own after school meetings in the library.  We celebrate Ramadan, Christmas, Eid,, Guru Nanak and many other religious days and festivals.