Behaviour Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

At Villiers we believe that students learn best when they are in an environment in which they feel safe and secure. Our school has been structured to encourage all students to fulfil their potential, promoting a positive attitude to learning within a caring and supportive environment.


We believe that no child can learn successfully when worried or unhappy. We therefore aim to provide a calm, ordered and caring environment in which learning can take place and in which the students feel valued members of the school community.


Students are allocated a form group on arrival and have the stability of working in this group as they progress through the school. The Form Teacher, Head of Year and the Pastoral Assistants for the year group play a vital role in supporting and encouraging each individual and are the first point of contact between school and home.


Daily form periods allow Form Tutors to monitor the progress and well-being of their students and provide individuals with the mentoring, support and guidance they need. Within these form periods a programme of activities are carried out to support their wellbeing and learning.

The Pastoral team works closely with parents and encourage you to contact the school as soon as a problem arises. In most instances initial contact should be made via your child's Form Tutor or with the Pastoral Assistants that supports the Year teams.