Plastic Pollution

Priority: Refuse, Reuse, Recycle, Reduce and Replace Responsibly 

Definition: To prevent excessive and unnecessary waste, and to limit the consumption of non-renewable resources.

What is the issue?

Our students and staff feel that Plastic Pollution is an increasingly worrying concern for our planet. The fossil fuels needed to dispose of plastic is overwhelming our waste management systems and causing pollution problems, worldwide and in our very own Southall. We discovered, that as a school we were using 100,000 single use plastic bottles every year! We recognised this number was too high and made a pledge to do something about it, forever! 


The BIG idea? 

At Villiers, we decided to support the #OneLess campaign.  

Our Outcomes 
  • Every student is given a free Villiers High School reusable bottle which is now, a compulsory part of their school equipment list. 
  • Single use plastic water bottles have not been sold at Villiers since January 2022  
  • More water fountains and Generation Juice refill machines have been installed in the central playground and canteen. 
  • Single use plastic packaging in the canteen such as jelly and fruit cups, have been eradicated and swapped for eco-friendlier and reusable containers. 
  • The Eco Committee led an assembly across all year groups, educating their peers on the problems of plastic pollution and why this was such an important mission. 
  • The Eco Reps completed litter picks in the school grounds and demonstrated positive action to others. 

The Plastic Pollution Eco Day was held on 5th November 2021. Students across the school had the opportunity to join a live streaming of the climate and nature section of the COP26, the UN Climate Change conference. All throughout the week, our 6th Form Eco Reps held a plastic pollution quiz rewarding students with free recycled stationary and healthy flapjacks. Staff contributed as well by making sure all lessons were either off-screen or take place outdoors, all learning and linking to the topic of plastic or pollution.

Here is a video of this Eco Day highlights