At Villiers High School, we believe homework is an important way for pupils to engage with learning outside of the classroom. Evidence[1] has demonstrated that pupils who fully engage with homework and reflect on its outcomes through feedback can further their academic progress significantly.

Homework set at Villiers complements the schemes of learning and assessments. It develops skills and knowledge and places the emphasis of assessment onto pupils to encourage self-reflection. It always has a creative and challenging element which creates the opportunity for pupils to think outside of the box. The homework is designed in advance, quality assured and is feasible for teachers to assess and balance around lesson preparation and other teaching and learning activities. Parents are encouraged to support pupils by reviewing tasks set online and ensuring it is completed to their best of their ability in a timely manner.

The homework will create opportunities to push pupil understanding, creativity and critical thinking further and beyond the scope of the specification. Preparation for termly assessments form a key part of all subject homework.

One of the most important things you can do to support your child’s learning is get them reading. Get them to borrow books from our school library or your local library and talk to them about what they’re reading. Free newspapers, our e-library (use your google classroom login) and even comics are all a good start!

Please ask to see your child’s planner for their homework weekly and for any messages left by teachers.

Your child will have a log-in to google classroom where an increasing amount of homework is set. Please ask them for their login to see what they are being set.



Google Classroom



If you have any questions or concerns about homework, please contact your child’s Head of Year.


Homework examples below and on the side