Life at Villiers

We offer you:

  • a welcoming environment which promotes learning;

  • an ethos of high expectation for students and staff;

  • a professionally stimulating and supportive working environment;

  • a drive and determination to achieve excellence in teaching and learning;

  • students who are respectful, resilient, hardworking and keen to learn;

  • an excellent range of Continuous Professional learning activities (see our full CPL statement here);

  • a simple and effective behaviour management system;

  • a supportive staff community;

  • a personalised programme specifically for staff new to the profession including:

    • Behaviour for Learning

    • Assessment for Learning

    • Strategies for SEN and EAL students

    • Differentiation – Access and Stretch

Celebrating Success Together

Our staff work very hard and at the end of every term, we celebrate our achievements together as a team this involves fun, food and recognition of staff achievements. Events include end of term meals at Christmas and Easter and a sizzling summer BBQ celebrated in the Headteacher's Quad Garden.

Staff Testimonials

“We are really pushed to improve ourselves in any way we can, with a particular focus on Continued Professional Learning. The CPL offering at the school is fantastic!”

“Staff are willing and open to collaborate and devise fresh, innovative ways to really engage with students on a daily basis!”


“The sense of community within the staff is brilliant! We have events throughout the year to encourage us to really bond as a team and get to know each other both professionally and socially! The summer BBQ was especially great fun!”



Our Senior Leadership Team

Ms A Sharma – Headteacher

Mr C Richards – Deputy Headteacher

Mr P Bhatt – Deputy Headteacher

Ms G Nagi – Senior Assistant Headteacher

Mr M Benson – Assistant Headteacher

Mr L Adams – Assistant Headteacher

Mr M Bains – Director of Finance and Facilities

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