Sixth Form Admissions


“Students across the school including in the sixth form receive good impartial advice about where to study, and information about work placements and courses available at different colleges in the local area” - Ofsted 2015


There are four streams of study at Villiers Sixth form. Each will have different grade requirements and lead pupils on to different pathways after sixth form. The streams are summarised below:

Stream Ci: Study Three A-Levels (free choice)

Most of our sixth form students take three A-Levels. For admission to this stream students should have an average GCSE grade of 6 or above (equivalent to the old B grade) in their best eight subjects, which must include English, Maths and Science. Students in this stream will be aiming for a good university (i.e. Russell Group) or a competitive course such as Biomedical Science, Engineering or Computer Science.

Stream Cii: Study Three A-Levels (restricted choice)

Many of our students have particular areas of strength that make them suitable for A-Levels but not for the most demanding courses. Students with an average GCSE grade of 5 or above (equivalent to the old C grade) will only be considered for Maths, Physics or Chemistry in exceptional circumstances. Pupils will be encourages to select a BTEC alongside A levels in this pathway. Almost all students in this stream will apply to university for a Bachelor’s degree.

Stream B: Study a full-time BTEC Course

Students who wish to focus on a single subject area can choose from Applied Science, Business or Sports Science. Students with an average GCSE grade of 4 or above (equivalent to the old D grade) will be eligible to study one of these courses at Level 3. If their English or Maths GCSE grade was below a 4 they will also be expected to re-take the GCSE. Some students in this stream will apply to University for a foundation year before enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree; others may choose to apply for an Apprenticeship instead.


Stream A: Study a Level 2 BTEC Course

Students who have recently arrived in the UK or who struggled in year eleven may need an extra year to achieve their English and Maths GCSEs. Alongside these resit courses they will complete Level 2 BTECs in Business, Health & Social Care, and Computer Science. Upon completion of this one-year course most students progress to Stream B, and ultimately spend three years in the sixth form before applying for an Apprenticeship or for University


How to apply:


Applications to Villiers Sixth Form for September 2019 opened on 28th January 2019 and closed on Friday 24th May 2019. For applications from September 2020, we will post more information early in the spring term and a link will appear in this section of the website.

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to call us on 020 8813 8001 ext: 362 or contact us using the form below


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