A Levels

“Sixth form students are safe and secure, and say that they enjoy being members of a diverse and tolerant community” - Ofsted 2015


A-Levels are the traditional academic qualification for Sixth Form students in the UK. Students study a smaller range of subjects than GCSE or the International Baccalaureate; usually four subjects in Year 12 and three in Year 13. A-Levels are considered a good preparation for University because students learn in depth about their subjects. A-Levels are suitable for people who already know what they want to study at University, and also for students who have particular subjects they do not wish to study – not everyone is good at everything, and many students are glad to focus only on subjects they’re really good at!


Within A-Levels there are no particular requirements about which subjects to take – some students take three sciences, while others might take three Humanities or a combination of subjects from all areas of the curriculum. Students who want to take A-Levels, but do not know what they want to study at University should try to come up with a range of subjects in order to keep their options open.