Drama Reading List


Drama at Villiers High school is used as a vehicle to promote creativity and confidence amongst our students. It is a very popular subject where students are able to express themselves practically whilst simultaneously building communication and presentation skills. Drama explores all aspects of theatre on and off the stage. Students are taught about different genres, styles and methods of theatre from all around the world. Students create, direct and perform many different styles of theatre delving into the social, historical and cultural context of texts and playwrights.


Key Stage 3  

At KS3 students are taught many different dramatical skills and techniques building on their practical ability. Students learn how to use role-play, characterisation, flash-back, freeze frame and many more. Students are asked to develop their characters and knowledge of theatre through the lessons. All the schemes of learning that are done in Drama are all aimed towards building the students

In year 7 pupils study:

  • Divided planet

  • Darkwood Manor

  • Commedia Dell arte

  • Gizmo- Script.


In year 8 pupils study

  • What is evil?

  • Our Day Out- Script

  • Ishi

  • Evacuees


In year 9 pupils study:

  • Physical Theatre

  • Non-Naturalism

  • Blood Brothers


Key Stage 4

At key stage 4 we study Eduqas/WJEC Drama