Our curriculum is highly innovative and aspires to meet the demands of learners in the 21st Century; as such we need engaging, inspirational, motivated individuals to meet the demands of our curriculum. We constantly seek new and engaging innovations for our curriculum. Our secondary curriculum for students aged 11–19 years provides the foundation for lifelong learning and is inclusive. It provides continuity and builds on students’ achievement and supports progression to further study and employment. Our curriculum is summarised as follows:


Year 7 - We aim to provide a seamless transition from primary school to high school for your child. We challenge our Year 7 to be the most resilient learners they can be and support them in every way possible to help your child adjust to their new life at Villiers.


Year 8  - Our Year 8 programme continues the work from Year 7 and aims to provide students with a platform from which to progress and develop themselves both academically and within extra-curricular pursuits.


Year 9 - Pupils have the opportunity to study pre-options with the aim of engaging, inspiring and up-skilling students so that they are enthusiastic about their option choices.


Year 10 and 11 - Pupils focus on the core, but choose from the widest range of options subjects that we can give them, thus giving them a broad base of experiences on which to make informed choices for post 16.


Year 12 and 13 - We are developing our Sixth Form Curriculum to include tangible pathways into both academic and vocational degree subjects, the world of work or higher level apprenticeships. Our vocational pathways will include relevant work related learning opportunities such as sports leadership and engineering, whilst our more academic pathways will benefit from our developing Career’s advice and links with high quality Russell Group Universities.


In order to prepare students to make a transition from KS3 to KS4, we have a PSHCE and careers programme in KS3 which develops the knowledge and skills of the workplace in order to inform pupil decisions when choosing pathways at KS4. We encourage pupils to select pathways which will allow them to fulfil their future goals but also give them flexibility to change their minds and not close any doors in future. At KS4, pupils continue to develop their skills set and engage in activities which further develop their understanding about further study and the workplace. This means that pupils are in a better position to choose the right options at KS5 to fulfil their future goals. Our curriculum is designed to enable pupils to choose a vocational or academic pathway and to prepare them for university or apprenticeships thereafter. At each transition point, we hold 1:1 interviews with pupils as well as invite parents in for options evenings prior to choices being made.


Key Documents:

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