Opening Times

Breakfast    07:45 - 8:15
Recess       10:30 - 10:50
Lunch         12:30 - 13:20


Our Diner

All our food is homemade and we are proud to source all of our ingredients from local butchers and vegetable suppliers which not only supports the local community but ensures the food is fresh and at its best. Our head chef, Charlie, honed his craft as the head chef of a 5 star hotel and a private school in Scotland before bringing his vast experience and expertise to Villiers Diner. So you can rest assured that your child is eating not only healthybut delicious food.



Free Breakfast club

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and provides children with the energy and nutrients that lead to increased concentration in the classroom. Studies show that breakfast can be important in maintaining a healthy body weight. That is why at Villiers Diner we provide free healthy breakfast for all to give them a good start of the day.



Around the world in 5 Days

At Villiers we respect every  food culture, it is no different  when comes to world cuisines. From Monday to Friday we have theme based cuisines.  From Mediterranean to Asian, Oriental, Western and of course the famous Fish and Chips Friday; and that’s not the end! We help Children celebrate their favourite festivals like RamadanDiwaliChristmas and Halloween with especially themed menus!



Vegetarian/ Halal/Non Food Halal

Given the diversity of the children at Villiers High School, religion is something we strongly consider while preparing menus, ensuring all food is sourced from Halal certified butchers and the same time ensuring non Halal/vegetarian options are available as well.



5 star Rating

We achieved 5 star rating during an unannounced food hygiene inspection we had from the Local Authority on 24th of February 2016. The food safety officer was extremely satisfied with the hygiene standard at Villiers kitchen and the officer said that our school has the best hygiene standard among all the premises inspected on that day. The results are published on Food Standard Agency website.



Cash Free Dining

Villiers Diner is now entirely cash free, with parents able to top up their child’s account using ParentPay meaning students no longer have to carry cash. This has lead to a more streamlined and efficient canteen for students and greatly reduced incidence of bullying for lunch money. 


How do I top up my child’s account?

Please click here to find out.


Have a suggestion?

Our aim is to produce colourful and tasty dishes that are well accepted by children and are prepared using healthier ingredients and cooking methods in order to help tackle childhood obesity and other nutrition related health problems. We always aim for very high standards and ensure we listen to our customers. We regularly conduct surveys to get the student feedback. If you have any suggestions or ideas please contact us on