Mental Health and Wellbeing

At Villiers we are building a whole community approach to developing Mental Health and Wellbeing. Our strong culture of respect and celebrating diversity, promotes a safe and happy environment for every one of our students to flourish in. Where a student requires more targeted support they receive this by being identified by our specialist, highly trained staff, who ensure they receive bespoke intervention, in a timely manner. That support could be mentoring, signposting to more specialised, external counselling and support, or 1-2-1 counselling from our specialised in-school counsellor.


We continue to train staff and raise awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing through our Continued Professional Learning opportunities. Assemblies and our Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) programme, educate our students on Mental Health and Wellbeing and we are introducing new technology to make sure we are still able to support students, should we go back into a lockdown. This empowers students to develop their resilience and preventative strategies, which we teach them in our Recovery Curriculum, through the PSHE lessons. This could also be delivered virtually, if needed.


Our school leaders are proactive and regularly collaborate with not just our own colleagues, but also other schools, the Local Authority and National Programmes to embed Mental Health and Wellbeing as a fundamental topic which we; educate our students on, train our staff in and share awareness of, with our parents/carers and Governors. In this, we make sure we are continuing to pay service to our school’s Motto: “For Life, Not School, We Learn”.


Students are encouraged to share their opinions and thoughts on how we can strive to improve their Mental Health and Wellbeing and if they are passionate about this topic, we encourage them to discuss becoming a Mental Health Ambassador for their Year Group. Our KS4 students are engaging with a new App, Tranquiliti, and the school has purchased additional resources, such as the Teen Health Guide and UniFrog to advance our provisions for them.


Useful Documents

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If you do wish to discuss Mental Health and Wellbeing with a member of staff, please contact Mr L Adams – Assistant Head and Mental Health Lead, on and if you are worried about your Mental Health and Wellbeing, or that of another student, please use the anonymous email address box below, and speak to someone at Villiers who can help you.