Year 11 Preparation for Exam Success


At Villiers High School, we are fully committed to doing everything we can to support students in their GCSE examinations. We know that, as parents, you are doing a great deal to encourage and support them at home. With so many changes to the examination specifications, and an increased level of challenge in all subjects, we are keen to communicate as clearly as possible with you about how students can prepare effectively.


We know that it is a combination of small things that make the difference when it comes to success and therefore hope the information on this page will provide you with plenty of ideas about how to support your child as they begin their revision for the GCSE examinations.


Year 11 Preparation For Exam Success Presentations  

The Exam System

Success and Support Strategies

Supporting at Home

Contacts – Key Tips


Useful Documents

Please Click Here for Departmental Subject revision top tips

Please Click Here for the Revision tops strategies/techniques GCSE preparation

Please Click Here for the Year 11 KS4 GCSE Preparation for success 2020/21

Please Click Here for the Parent letter



If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Mr I Singh (Head of Year) or Ms H Farah (Deputy Head of Year):

I Singh - Head of Year 11, Head of Health & Social Care
I Singh - Head of Year 11, Head of Health & Social Care